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A well thought out solution!

Being a supplier to the Health Care System is not just receiving orders and sending out goods. This requires more!

Since 1992 we have been marketed and distributed both equipment and articles to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

We run a financially sound and responsible company who also cares for the environment, our outside world and not the least that our partners also care and take responsibility.

Throughout this we can secure an advantageous cost benefit for all our customers.

Our product range is provided to us by leading manufactures who all are characterized by innovation and quality, and most of all that they are groundbreaking within each of their specialty.

We take great pride in constantly challenging ourselves, our products and not the least being able to forward thorough knowledge to the health care professionals.

Our solutions ensure the entire path from manufacturer and Neovitalis to the professional healthcare staff securing the best possible diagnosis and treatment for patients all over the Nordic.

Hans Jürgen Nissen
Neovitalis ApS

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