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We are proud to be able to offer You the leading equipment in the field of urological cancer treatments.

AngioDynamic is one of the worlds leading manufactores of pioneering and well-tested ablation-systems. Ablation is an innovative method in treatment of cancer which differs significantly from traditional chemoterapy by being able to attack the tumor more accurately.

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AngioDynamics – NanoKnife System

NanoKnife Generator

An very innovative ablation procedure that uses low energy electrical pulses to create defects

(pores) in cell membranes, resulting in loss of homeostasis and subsequent cell death.

This system carries both a CE mark and FDA approval.

The NanoKnife system uses neither warmth nor extreme freezing when doing the ablation of soft tissue in lungs, kidney, liver, pancreas or prostate.

Two or more needle electrodes are placed around the tumor with help from CT or US.

The electrodes delivers a series of high-frequencies but uses only low-energy direct currents to create nano-size defects in the cell membrane. This leads to cell death.

All collagen-based vessles and nerves will be almost completely unaffected of the IRE process, which gives us a very secure tool for treatment of cancer in soft tissue.

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AngioDynamics – RFA – Radiofrequency Ablation

StarBurst Product FamilyThe only thermal-based ablation system with real-time tissue monitoring at the margin of the ablation. Real time temperature monitoring ensures predictable volumes of tissue are ablated and provides the lowest local recurrence rates of the major RF ablation devices available to treat patients. (Ann Surg Oncol, 2006)

How Does RFA Work?
Radiofrequency Interstitial Tissue Ablation (RITA or RFA) is a minimally invasive procedure in which a thin needle electrode is inserted into an unresectable liver lesion under ultrasound or CT guidance. Electrical energy is delivered through the electrode to the lesion which produces heat within the cells surrounding the electrode. When all cells within the lesion, as well as a margin around it, are heated beyond the lethal threshold (53°C), the procedure is complete (approximately 11 minutes for a 4 cm ablation zone).

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Christoffer Lund Nissen / Denmark & Norway

Christoffer Lund Nissen / Denmark & Norway

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Mia Toll / Sweden & Finland

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