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At Neovitalis we are proud to present a wide-range of innovative, groundbreaking and high-quality products for the surgical departments. 

We strive to provide the most innovative and thoroughly tested products that can – and will – make a difference for both patients and professionals. 

With partners such as AngioDynamics, Deltex and Genicon we are assured that we will be able to offer a solution that will benefit everyone. 

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Deltex – Hemodynamic monitoring

Deltex Medical CardioQ-ODM™ and CardioQ-ODM +™ Doppler-monitoring (ODM) is the world’s first system where you can measure and secure the fluid in both flow and pressure by adults and pediatrics. This system has an unparalleled range of functional hemodynamic parameters. It is designed to guide and secure the drug and fluid administration during surgery and critical care.

More information can be found at Deltex Medical Education Centre.

The CardioQ-ODM+ is an upgraded version of the ODM monitor. It is build on the clinical tested and approved Doppler-technology which secures you a very high clinical value targeting intensive care and high-risk surgeries. What Deltex has done to improve the system is built-in blood pressure gauge and the monitor can now be connected to the existing monitoring equipment. Deltex offers several different probes to different purposes.

In surgery the CardioQ-ODM+ offers the following advantages*

  • Only surgical CO monitor offering both ODM & PPWA
  • Ease of PPWA calibration and recalibration
  • Continuous monitor ‘bridge’ during diathermy episodes
  • ‘Bridge’ in surgical cases where oesophagus is displaces or removed
  • Only devise able to guide 10 % SVO (Doppler guided)
  • Offers fluid responsiveness parameters including:
    • Corrected flow time (FTc)
    • Stroke volume variation (SVV – flow and pressure)
    • Pulse pressure variation (PPV)
  • Provides post operative monitoring for 6 to 12 hours in awake patients in recovery/ICU (dependent on probe type)

*Source of information: Deltex CardioQ-ODM+

Further information is found when clicking the picture below – or by contacting us.


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Deltex Oesophageal Probes

Deltex Medical offers several oesophageal probes, directed for either surgical or critical care use.

The probes from Deltex uses Doppler ultrasound technology to measure the blood flow and fluid standing in the patient. They are very easy to use and are also simple to place correctly.

The ultrasound generated by the probe are very sensitive and will discover every chance in blood flow and/or fluid status.

It is possible to place these probes both nasally and orally.

Please click on the picture below for more information about the probes.

Deltex Probe

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AngioDynamics – NanoKnife – A unique alternative to thermal ablation !

With the NanoKnife Angio Dynamics offers an alternative to the well-known thermal ablation systems. This system uses low energy electrical pulses in the procedure.

When using these pulses, the NanoKnife creates an electric field, which then leads to defects in cell membranes, this leads to loss of homeostasis and subsequent cell death.

The procedure and the mechanism that leads to permanent cell damage is called Irreversible Electroporation (IRE).

The NanoKnife system uses neither warmth nor extreme freezing when doing the ablation of soft tissue in lungs, kidney, liver, pancreas or prostate.

Two or more needle electrodes are placed around the tumor with help from CT or US. The electrodes delivers a series of high-frequencies but uses only low-energy direct currents to create nano-size defects in the cell membrane.

All collagen-based vessles and nerves will be almost completely unaffected of the IRE process, which gives us a very secure tool for treatment of cancer in soft tissue.

This system carries both a CE mark and FDA approval.

SYSTEM COMPONENTS: NanoKnife Generator

  • Touch screen monitor
  • USB Port to export procedure data
  • Keyboard and trackpad for data entry
  • Up to 6 probes, minimum of 2 probes needed
  • Side pockets for cables and foot pedal
  • Double foot pedal to activate system
  • Wheels to transport to and from storage location


The probes/needles are produced in two lenghts, 15 CM and 25 CM.

With a click on the picture You’ll get directed to the NanoKnife brochure.

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AngioDynamics – Habib 4X Bipolar Resection Devices

Habib 4X Bipolar Resection Devices by Angio Dynamnics are designed to secure patients and ease the job of surgeons.

This procedure will help reduce blood loss, shorten both OR and ICU time and thereby shorten the overall hospital stay for the patient.For the surgeon it will offer the ability to perform non-clamping surgery and avoid the warm ischemia side effects.

This device is intended for use during surgical procedures as assistance in intraoperative coagulation of tissue. Studies has shown that the average time for this procedure is 8 sec. Using this device will help reduce transfusion rates and save the need for vessel clamping in very many cases.

The procure is self is very straight forward: Coagolate – Cut – Excise !

The Habib 4X are available for both open surgery and laparoscopic.

Habib 4x Open 6cmHabib 4x Laparoscopic

Full brochure is found by clicking one of the pictures above – Do not hesitate to contact us !

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AngioDynamics – StarBurst® Radiofrequency Ablation System

The only ablation system that both is thermal-basen and offers a real-time tissue monitoring!

“Real time temperature monitoring ensures predictable volumes of tissue are ablated and provides the lowest local recurrence rates of the major RF ablation devices available to treat patients. (Ann Surg Oncol, 2006)”

When you do a RFA procedure it means that you perform a minimally invasive process where you use thin needle electrodes placed under guidance from CT.

The electrodes deliver electrical energy that produces heat in the cells surrounding the needle. As soon as the surrounding cells are heated beyond 53°C the procedure is complete.

A procedure on a 4 cm ablation zone requires approximately 11 minutes.

This link will lead to a more thorough explanation on the StarBurst RFA – AngioDynamics StarBurst RFA 

The product line contains the following devices; RITA Hard


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AngioDynamics – RITA Model 1500X RF Generator

The ultimate in power and ease of use!

The RF generator from Angio Dynamics is compatible with the StarBurst family and Habib device. Used in ablation procedures from 1-7 cm.

The newest model has a smart card technology that eases upgrades without the need of further investments. This means that as a costumer You are secured the latest update and therefore always ensured predictable and controllable ablations even after years of investment.

The 1500X are manufactures with three flexible serial ports and delivers 250 watts of power. There are multiple temperature displays, and the generator also provides automatic temperature control. The monitoring of the temperatures is all in real time so that You always are in control of the ablation zone and can trust the endpoints of the procedure.

With the remote foot pedal, You are able to work hands free on the generator and can stay in control of the ablation device in Your hand.

By a click on the picture beneath You’ll be directed to the brochure.

1500x RF Generator

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AngioDynamics – Solero Microwave Tissue Ablation System

The single applicator system with the ability to complete up to a 5 cm ablation in 6 minutes! 

The Solero Microwave Tissure Ablation (MTA) System from Angio Dynamics are meant for use in ablation of soft tissue during open, laparoscopic or percutaneous procedures. This system is not meant for cardiac use.

This is a premium system developed for physicians who are trained in the use of placement of needles with help from ultrasound and/or CT.

What makes Solero unique is its ability to complete the ablation within 6 minutes. Within these 6 minutes You be able to ablate up to 5 cm areas, and that with only using a single applicator!

If You are interested in more information about the Solero, please click the picture, or contact us.

Solero MTA System Simple Speedy Scalable

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