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Here You’ll find an overview and short summery of the products we are able to offer for the neonatal and pediatric section.

Our partners – Deltex, Neotech Products Inc. and WILAmed – are well-known and have earned trust through many years of delivering high-quality products and service.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if You should have any questions, and our Business Unit Managers are always happy to come by for an uncommittable product presentation.

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WILAmed – AirCon Humidifier


AIRcon – the new generation of humidifiers; Making it easier to breath!

Using controlled humidity and temperature control the condensation are reduced to a minimum.

The only humidifier with buildt-in LED alarm when water level is too low in the humidifier chamber.

• Invasive humidifing
• Non-invasive humidifing
• Freely selectable temperatures (Free mode)
• Customized circuits to accomodate all costumers. All circuits are free of phthalates.

More information can be found by clicking the picture below – Or by contacting us!

WILAmed AIRcon

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WILAmed – CPAP Equipment

All WILAmed masks are made of skin-friendly, elastic material which adapts to the individual head shape and are therefore particularly comfortable to wear.

WILAmed offers a wide range productline with great variety in every part of the circuits. All products are made both for adults, pediatric and neonatal use. Furthermore they offer a full catalog of caps in all sizes for babies.

This makes us able to offer You almost any individual application You may require! Furthermore this also means that it is possible to make every patient comfortable with this system.

A highly accurate production process including fully automated packing in clean ambience completes the esteemed quality standard of our products and guarantees a maximum of safety and patients‘ comfort. The practice oriented packing quantities and the prompt delivery from WILAmed reduces the complexity of storage and thereby, avoid obsolescence of our patient circuits and breathing tube systems.

For more infomation please click on the picture beneath – Or contact us!

cPAP equipment WILAmed

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WILAmed – NHFT Nasal High-flow Therapy

Nasal Oxygen Insufflation is a new, non-invasive therapy-form for clinical use both on children and adults.

The WILAmed NHFT-system provides maximum utilization for patients who requires a high oxygen concentration and a higher flow than a standard nasal cannula offers.

The system for infants are just as wide-range as the system for adults. WILAmed offers a great variety in the product line. Both heated and humidified.

While traditional Low-Flow Therapy is for oxygen only, NHFT is also able to reduce CO2 levels.

If interested in learning more about the system especially designed for infants click on the picture beneath.

Please contact us if you have any further questions or are interested in a presentation.

NHFT solution


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WILAmed – Customized patient circuits

The range of products from WILAmed makes it possible for us to offer You a breathing tube system for almost every common respirators and therapy devices for non-invasive and invasive applications. The product line holds solutions for neonatology, pediatry and adults

Produced according to Your design and wishes.

  • Heated and unheated breathing tube systems
  • High quality, environmentally friendly, chemical and odorless circuits.
  • Disposable or re-usable, as one- or two-strand hoses models.


Breathing tube systems by WILAmedBreathing tube systems by WILAmed








Please contact us for further information – or click on one of the pictures above.

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Deltex – Hemodynamic Monitoring

Deltex Medical CardioQ-ODM™ and CardioQ-ODM +™ Doppler-monitoring (ODM) is the world’s first system where you can measure and secure the fluid in both flow and pressure by adults and pediatrics. This system has an unparalleled range of functional hemodynamic parameters. It is designed to guide and secure the drug and fluid administration during surgery and critical care.

More information can be found at Deltex Medical Education Centre.

The CardioQ-ODM+ is an upgraded version of the ODM monitor. It is build on the clinical tested and approved Doppler-technology which secures you a very high clinical value targeting intensive care and high-risk surgeries. What Deltex has done to improve the system is built-in blood pressure gauge and the monitor can now be connected to the existing monitoring equipment. Deltex offers several different probes to different purposes.

For pediatric patients, the measurement of aortic blood flow is available to the clinician, which therefore can monitor and control the hemodynamic changes safely and quickly and provide correct indicative therapy.

If You are interested in reading more about using the CardioQ for pediatric patients please just click on the picture below.

Deltex Pediatric

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Deltex Oesophageal Probes

Deltex Medical offers several oesophageal probes, directed for either surgical or critical care use.

The probes from Deltex uses Doppler ultrasound technology to measure the blood flow and fluid standing in the patient. They are very easy to use and are also simple to place correctly.

The ultrasound generated by the probe are very sensitive and will discover every chance in blood flow and/or fluid status.

KDP72 Paediatric probe for use only with CardioQ ODM, CardioQ ODM+. CardioQP and CardioQP ODM. 72 hour paediatric oral Doppler probe for patients 3Kg and above.

For more information please click the picture below – or contact us!

Deltex Probe

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