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Underneath you’ll find information about our gynecology products. These products are both for invasive and surgical procedures. 


We offer the full range of the patented RFA StarBurst® system from Angio Dynamics.

On this page you’ll find a short presentation of each of the StarBurst® types and of cause a discription of the RFA system.


Further down is found a short presentation of the Genicon products which is price winning products for laparascopic and surgical interventions. 


By clicking on one of the below listed lines you will get directed to the wished product. 

AngioDynamics – StarBurst® Radiofrequency Ablation System

The only ablation system that both is thermal-basen and offers a real-time tissue monitoring!

“Real time temperature monitoring ensures predictable volumes of tissue are ablated and provides the lowest local recurrence rates of the major RF ablation devices available to treat patients. (Ann Surg Oncol, 2006)”

When you do a RFA procedure it means that you perform a minimally invasive process where you use thin needle electrodes placed under guidance from CT.

The electrodes deliver electrical energy that produces heat in the cells surrounding the needle. As soon as the surrounding cells are heated beyond 53°C the procedure is complete.

A procedure on a 4 cm ablation zone requires approximately 11 minutes.

With a single click on the picture below You will be directed to a more thorough explanation on the StarBurst RFA.

The product line contains the following devices;

StarBurst XL


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