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In here You will find products from two very innovative and strong partners in the gastroenterology field.


Underneath is found a short introduction to the Standard Sci-Tech BONASTENT® and ANKON Medical Technologies NaviCam™ !



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BONASTENT® is the most technology advanced non-vascular self-expandable metalic stent, manufactured in the revolutionary “Polygon Mesh Surface Structure”, BONASTENT® defines the meaning of “good things come in a small package”, and can adapt and conform to human anatomy as none to be compared.

The difference between BONASTENT® and other stents is the way it is made. Common stenst are either made in a hook wire- or cross wire- structure where BONASTENT® are made with both hook and wire structure.

This patented structure provides an reduced delivery device diameter, low rate of shortening for an more accurate positioning, more optimal radial and returning force for comformability for the patient, small risk of in-growth and segmental compression for migration reduction.

Standard Sci Tech offers 6 different types of the BONASTENT®. These are:

Please contact us if You are interested in learning more about BONASTENT®. With a click on the picture below You will be directed to more information regarding BONASTENT®

Bonastent Stent

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Ankon LogoNaviCam™ Colon Endoscopy Capsule

 ANKON Medical Technologies’ motto is “Innovation for better health” and they stride for perfection. With the aim of facilitating the procedure for both patients and doctors, and still deliver a high-quality product, they have created the NaviCam™ Capsule system.


Two high frame rate cameras enable NaviCam™ Colon Capsule to be a minimally invasive tool for visualization of the colon. The cameras both has a 160° angle of view enable increased mucosal visualization.

With this capsule You a secured a safe and comfortable method for examinating the colon without intubation or sedation.

Ankon NaviCam


The data recorder comes with a waist belt that is anatomically correct and is made to disturb as little as much and being comfortable for the person doing the examination. Due to the minimal design You will never feel heated wearing the belt and it does not seem intimidating to the patient.

ANKON waist belt


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Your country’s business unit manager, or click on one of the pictures above to get directed to the official website of ANKON.


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