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We are very pleased to present this innovative and groundbreaking new ECG machine from Heart Sciences.

With the MyoVista Heart Sciences has created a way to detect cardiac dysfunction in a very early stage. It is a non-invasive screening device that takes patients through a quick, painless exam that offers a detailed electrical performance analysis of the heart. It is a simple 12-lead ECG and therefore easy to use for the healthcare providers.


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HeartSciences’ MyoVista® Wavelet ECG (wavECG™) Cardiac Testing Device is the newest type of resting 12-lead electrocardiograph. With this device you get an analysis done with continuous wavelet transform signal processing which provides information regarding detecting cardiac relaxation abnormalities associated with Left Ventricular Diastolic Dysfunction (LVDD). All extensive research made, shows that almost any form of heart diseases is associated with LVDD – including hypertension, diabetes, valvular disease, ischemia and reduces systolic function.

It is a non-invasive screening device that helps identify heart disease risk in an early state and risks that typically cannot be seen with the conventional ECG tests. The MyoVista test itself is a quick, painless analysis and is easily performed by a nurse or GP.

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Easy and intuitive use

With this innovative device you get a high definition touch screen with a very manageable display. It will show the Energy Waveform, Wavelet Analysis (Repolarization Algorithm) and Ventricular Indices.
Of cause it also provides all the conventional information and interpretive known from a standard full-featured ECG.

With a screen definition of 1920 x 1080 including touch-function you’ll get a sharp picture and a interface known from tablets. Due to the fact that the MyoVista wavECG Device follows conventional AHA/IEC resting 12-lead placement protocols the training requirements are minimized.

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MyoVista Lead Guide

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MyoVista Energy Waveform

The MyoVista Energy Waveform is a patented system that will display the energy distribution pattern of the heart’s electrical activity during each phase of the cardiac cycle.

It is displayed as a color scale (scalogram) and represents the ECG signal after transformation using continuous wavelet transform mathematics. The scalogram provides a non-linear mapping of energy and depicts the relative level of energy detected from the heart at each point in time and frequency. The MyoVista Energy Waveform visually aligns with the conventional ECG trace for easy analysis on a lead by lead basis.

MyoVista Energy Wave

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MyoVista Ventricular Indices


With the Ventricular Indices you get an analysis of percentage of energy relation of the peak energy detected during the cardias cycle – which is usually close to, or at an R-Wave peak. The MyoVista will show four index values as well as numeric comparisons in differences and ratios for these four measurements. The right ventricle indices are an average of V1 and V2 leads, and the left ventricle indices are an average of V4, V5 and V6 leads.


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MyoVista Wavelet Analysis, Algorithms and Statements

With the wavelet analysis, algorithms and statements you get the full results of the entire Wavelet Analysis including inputs from the MyoVista Energy Classification and MyoVista Ventricular Indices, as well as the traditional measures of the T-Axis, sex and age. With this you are provided a statement that can be used to assist in the assessment of patients having relaxation abnormalities associated with LV diastolic dysfunction that may need further testing and/or treatment.

MyoVista Statement

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MyoVista Clinical, Functional and Economic Value

MyoVista Heart

Clinical Value:  

  • Reliable, non-invasive
  • Assists in early detection of electrical, structural and coronary arterial disease
  • 78 % Sensitivity – 71 % for detection of diastolic dysfunction
  • Ventricular Repolarization Indices measure repolarization energy and assist in on-going assessment and management of cardiac health
  • Includes conventional resting 12-lead ECG information and Glasgow Interpretive Analysis Report

Functional Value: 

  • Intuitive touch screen
  • Easy to perform and interpret
  • Follows conventional 12-lead ECG protocol
  • No change to clinical workflow
  • Data storage capacity = 50,000 records
  • EMR-HER capable
  • Wi-Fi printer enabled
  • USB PDF file exportable
  • High definition 1920 x 1080 display

Economic Value:

  • Comparable cost to conventional 12-lead ECG
  • Includes conventional 12-lead ECG information and Glasgow Interpretive Analysis Report in the same test
  • Reimbursable-use of the conventional resting 12-lead ECG coding
  • Quick: 20/30/60 second test with immediate results
  • Eliminates need for conventional thermal recording chart paper
  • May reduce need for imaging and invasive testing

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Christoffer L. Nissen / Denmark

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