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The GDPR enters into force May 25, 2018 to control the access and application of personal data stored electronically and non-electronically, in any kind of filing format and filing system.

GDPR applies to Neovitalis ApS, all Neovitalis ApS employees, all Neovitalis ApS customers and all Neovitalis ApS suppliers of goods, services including all business relations between Neovitalis ApS and all vendors where personal data are necessary for daily administrating business routines.


GDPR primary purpose is to ensure the integrity of the individual person through controlled and regulated filing and handling of personal data.


The type of personal data of non-employees, stored in Neovitalis ApS are:

Person name, title, e-mail address, telephone number and work address.


Neovitalis ApS ensures that all possible precautions are in place in compliance with the renewed GDPR rules and regulations.



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